February 20

Taking Strides For A Healthier Planet

ASICS is continuously striving to make every step steadier and the ground under our feet healthier and better

ASICS make shoes smart by manufacturing comfortable footwear which aim to reduce greenhouse gas emissions

With nearly 75 years of experience in the design and manufacture of sporting goods, ASICS is widely recognised as a pioneer of the industry, dedicated to uplifting lives through its innovation.

ASICS continues to bring to market new technologies that develop materials and structural designs, by analysing human movement. The company has embedded “human-centric design” philosophy into its products, diligently developing new materials through state-of-the-art technologies to lead innovation within the industry.

In addition to the performance-enhancing technology, ASICS calculates the carbon footprint in a product’s life cycle, from materials and manufacturing to the end of life. This enables the company to continuously innovate advanced products, while simultaneously reducing its carbon footprint.

ASICS has set ambitious goals of reducing greenhouse gas emissions by 63% across its value chain by 2030 (from a 2015 baseline) and using 100% renewable energy across its business facilities. By 2050, the company is aiming to achieve net zero. To reach these goals, ASICS encourages its suppliers to align with its targets and shift to renewable energy, to restrict the Earth’s temperature rise to within 1.5°C.

ASICS Corporation’s president, CEO and COO, Yasuhito Hirota, says: “I strongly hope that future generations will be able to have a sound mind in a sound body through sports, and it is our responsibility as a company to provide a sound Earth for them to run on.”

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