85 Years of Expertise and Industrial Excellence Fueling National Economy

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Discover how Elsewedy Electric is driving global progress as a leader in providing integrated energy, infrastructure, and digital solutions. This industrial magnate is dedicated to upholding sustainable development standards while actively seeking to enhance economic growth. Join us on this enlightening journey as we explore Elsewedy Electric’s pivotal role in empowering future generations.

ELSEWEDY ELECTRIC is a well-renowned industrial tycoon that provides integrated energy solutions, infrastructure, and digital solutions. Powered by 85 years of witnessed expertise, it has led the journey of industrial and development progress with a clear vision of supporting the  national economy through the localization and development of the domestic industry.

Pioneering Industrial Solutions with ELSEWEDY ELECTRIC

Established in 1938 ELSEWEDY ELECTRIC has evolved from a local manufacturer of electrical products into a global giant providing integrated infrastructure solutions. With over 18,000 employees representing the company’s soft power, and more than 20 subsidiaries, its current market value surpasses 4.8 billion USD.

ELSEWEDY ELECTRIC: Industrial Innovation Across Continents

ELSEWEDY ELECTRIC operates in five main sectors: wires, cables, and accessories; electrical products; engineering and construction; digital solutions, and infrastructure investments and has a strong presence in 19 countries around the world.

The company operates 31 production facilities (“factories”) across African and Asian countries, including but not limited to, Egypt, Algeria, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Indonesia, Pakistan, and Tanzania with Africa alone comprising the biggest share of a total of 19 factories. It also exports a wide range of high-quality products to more than 110 countries around the world, thus, contributing significantly to the Egyptian economy.

ELSEWEDY ELECTRIC is a full-fledged integrated infrastructure solutions provider in the MEA region, distinguished by offering a 360° portfolio of sustainable products, services, and solutions while delivering cutting-edge turnkey projects to customers on a fast-track basis. The company’s growth is mainly driven by employing talent and expertise while empowering the communities in which it operates.

As part of its commitment to bolster and enhance economic growth, ELSEWEDY ELECTRIC has always been a strategic partner to governments, states’ authorities, and the region’s most prominent investors and industrial players. 

Among the tens of groundbreaking projects that have been implemented hand in hand with states’ governments is the Julius Nyerere Hydroelectric Power Project (JNHPP) in Tanzania which stands as a testament to ELSEWEDY ELECTRIC’s remarkable achievements in engineering, construction, and operational excellence. Collaborating with Arab Contractors, ELSEWEDY ELECTRIC has emerged as a pivotal force in reshaping the nation’s energy landscape, exemplifying Egypt’s competence in global partnerships.

This substantial project, with a capacity of 2,115 megawatts, aims to generate 6.3 million megawatts per hour annually, meeting the energy needs of approximately 17 million homes in Tanzania. The project stands as a testament to the expertise of Egyptian corporations in executing large-scale ventures across Africa.

ELSEWEDY ELECTRIC is also committed to sustainable development standards in all its operations, facilitating the global transition towards a future reliant on sustainable energy. To that end, it has established green energy projects and smart cities across Africa, the Middle East, and Eastern Europe.

In line with its 2030 sustainability strategy, the company aims to expand and enhance its positive impact, provide energy services to its growing customer base, and drive efforts for decarbonization, digitization, and sustainable transformation in Egypt and globally.

Furthermore, ELSEWEDY ELECTRIC has been honorably awarded the ECOVADIS Silver Certificate for Sustainability Management, positioning the group among the top 65% in the agency’s ranking for organizations with the best performance in this field. Additionally, the company was listed among Forbes’s Top 50 strongest companies in Egypt for the year 2023.

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