December 12

Prefabricated Timber Construction Solves Global Problems


DFH GRUPPE: Our way of building counteracts the housing shortage and climate change.

Today’s governments must solve a key problem – the climate crisis. In order to fulfill this central goal, living space must continue to be created. This living space must therefore be created sustainably. Timber construction goes hand in hand with climate goals. COP28 could be key in helping to change how the construction industry views house building and its role in the fight against climate change. We are convinced that this popular event – COP28 – has the necessary relevance and importance at the political level to draw attention to this issue. Additionally, we want to inspire other industries to embrace sustainability by showing that even a conventional sector like ours can make significant progress in this area.

Timber Takes the Lead: Revolutionizing the Construction Industry for a Sustainable Future

We are convinced that natural and fast regeneration resource wood represent the future of the construction industry. Wood naturally stores carbon dioxide. The ecological footprint of a wooden house is significantly lower than that of a conventionally built house made of stone and concrete. It takes just 23 seconds for the amount of wood for an average prefabricated house with a living space of 140 square meters in Germany to grow back. 

Sustainability and finding a more environmentally friendly way for the construction industry to operate is that important to us because we want to raise awareness of wooden houses. our industry only has 25% market share. We want to emphasize the advantages of timber construction in order to bring about change.

The future needs sustainable construction. We know that the future of construction lies in the timber construction industry. Our industry’s market share needs to grow for a more sustainable future. Furthermore, we are confident that all industries must change effectively in order to achieve our climate goals.  

Building a Greener World: The Expanding Role of Timber in Modern Construction

We know how building with wood works on a large scale. We can not only build homes for one or two families, we also manage to realize multi-family houses and entire housing estates made of wood. The construction industry needs to change quickly. This is where the big construction companies like us are in direct demand.

With our capacities, we can cover housing requirements and act directly. We are a pioneer for an entire industry. We would like to take on this role together with our market companions.


Pioneering Sustainability in Construction: Timber as the Path Forward

It is our goal to answer every question about living in sustainable new buildings. We would like to set a good example for other construction companies and show that profitability and sustainability go hand in hand. Wood is durable, stable and high quality. Not only the industry and politicians need to understand this, but also those interested in construction and investors. Stone and concrete must become the alternative and wood the first choice.

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