December 12

How Exness Balances Market Leadership with Sustainability


Since its inception in 2008, Exness has had a core mission: to redefine and democratize traders’ access to the markets, offering every investor, no matter how small, a secure and transparent platform to seek trading opportunities. 

Pioneering Sustainability in Fintech and Global Trading

Fast forward 15 years, the company’s reach and achievements are undeniable: an active client base of over 600,000 across more than 100 countries, a monthly trading volume of over $4 trillion, and offices in all corners of the globe, from London to Cape Town.

But to Exness, numbers of profitability and success are only part of its mission. In a world grappling with challenges like climate change and rising costs, the broker balances profitability with responsibility. As Mr. Bunce remarked, it is equally important for corporations to embrace environmental and social causes.

To address these responsibilities at a corporate level and develop effective CSR action, the company formed the Community Division. By focusing on two pillars it deems fundamental for the future, the protection of the environment and the enhancement of education, this unit underlines the company’s commitment to the communities it operates in.

Balancing Profit and Planet: Exness’ CSR Initiatives in Environmental Protection

A prime example of Exness’ active approach was during the catastrophic wildfires in Cyprus in the summer of 2021. Recognizing the magnitude of the environmental crisis, Exness collaborated with local authorities to facilitate solutions that could address wildfires at their core. The company’s CSR plan spanned the funding of reforestation programs, the donation of three fire trucks, and the development of state-of-the-art airborne surveillance systems for early wildfire detection. The latter exemplifies the company’s tech-driven approach not only towards its product and internal operations but also its social contributions. 

Steering the conversation towards fintech’s role in sustainable development, Mr. Bunce highlighted its transformative power – how innovations in the sector not only enhance efficiency but also foster a greener future. Digital financial solutions are reducing the consumption of physical resources, promoting paperless transactions, and fostering transparency in supply chain management. 


Integrating Sustainability in Online Trading and Data Operations

As online trading is reliant on data centers, Mr. Bunce emphasized Exness’ commitment to partnering with data center suppliers that share the same vision for sustainability. The company’s collaboration with Equinix, an avant-garde data center that is targeting 100% carbon neutrality by 2030, ensures that its data-driven operations have minimal to zero carbon footprint. 

Dedicated to transparency, the broker also acknowledges the importance of extending its sustainability targets with more eco-friendly collaborations and solutions. This includes partnering with blockchain systems that favor proof-of-stake instead of proof-of-work algorithms. 

Looking ahead, Exness has a clear roadmap: prioritizing carbon offset and environmental preservation. By focusing on fintech innovations with sustainability principles, Exness leads by example, proving that financial success and social and environmental responsibility can, and should, coexist.

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