Era of AI-Scenario Forecasting Begins


Jumptuit: Addressing Global Instability and the Cost of Risk With Transformative AI Scenario Forecasting.

Jumptuit is an award-winning SaaS company founded by Donald Leka. Jumptuit’s mission and vision is to improve scenario forecasting with Artificial Intelligence in order to augment decision making and improve outcomes for government and corporate stakeholders. Jumptuit provides transformative AI scenario forecasting applications for the Finance, Insurance, Transport and Logistics, Energy, Critical Minerals, Health and Travel Sectors, among others.

Cross-regional and cross-sector events continually threaten to disrupt global economic and business activity and early signals are critical. Jumptuit’s Genesis J2T AI discovers the cross-sector elements and coactions that constitute the genesis of global events, and continuously generates adaptive scenario forecasting.

Genesis J2T is based on Jumptuit’s Event Genesis Intelligence (EGI) that identifies the time and place of future events and generates adaptive scenario forecasting, based on continuous analyses of Real-Time-Cross-Spectrum-Data (RTCSD) captured via Jumptuit’s Global Data Nets (GDNs).

Jumptuit’s Genesis J2T presents a new dynamic cross-sector index for identifying coalescing elements across sectors of the economy, political system and other components of society, and external geopolitical, regional and environmental factors to forecast events. The index measures the respective degree of each element and the collective value of the array of cross-sector elements to forecast the probability of an Event.

Donald Leka is the founder of the Jumptuit Group, and a technology executive with over 15 years of experience creating industry-changing and award-winning Artificial Intelligence, data systems, cloud and mobile technologies including Genesis J2T, Jumptuit and Glide OS. Mr. Leka holds patents in the field of Artificial Intelligence.

The intersection between cloud computing, AI, data science and the social sciences is where Mr. Leka has spent his career. The application of AI and data science to understanding global events has become essential in an increasingly interdependent World.

Mr. Leka is uniquely versed and equipped to speak to the need for real-time panoptic data and AI to assess probabilities of exogenous shocks to countries, sectors, industries, supply chains and business process management to mitigate the impact of external events.

Mr. Leka addresses the critical importance of real-time panoptic data and AI to improve forecasting for large Public and Private Companies, Government Agencies, Intergovernmental Organizations (IGOs), and Non-Governmental Organizations (NGOs), and for the Finance, Insurance, Transport and Logistics, Energy, Critical Minerals, Health and Travel Sectors, among others.


Mr. Leka has been a featured speaker at Harvard Business School, MIT, TechCrunch, Bloomberg, TEDx, AllThingsD, NYU, and the American University School of International Service.

Jumptuit’s ethos consists of creating value, empowering individuals, and protecting the sanctity of data. Generating insights driven by the characteristics of individuals, communities, businesses, and regions improves the formation and implementation of public policy.

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