Elevating Human Capabilities With AI for Good


SingleStore technology extends human ability with a platform built for AI

Like every innovation before it, AI bears the imprint of its creator. And like those innovations, the dichotomy between good and ill intentions — the desire to create or destroy — makes itself known. As humans, we have an innate responsibility to decide what kind of future we want to create, especially one that harnesses advanced technology like AI.

For AI to truly be meaningful and impactful, we have to explore how it has the ability to amplify intelligence and strengthen our ability as humans. We have long been defined by seminal moments in our history, and AI’s incredible potential is no different. 

Augmenting human abilities with AI technology

At the core of AI is data. SingleStore, the world’s only database that empowers users to transact, analyze and contextualize data in real time — without missing a millisecond — provides the foundational platform for worldwide organizations to elevate data into information and knowledge. 

“AI doesn’t exist without data, and that’s where we come in,” says SingleStore CEO Raj Verma. “We give companies the ability to take all kinds of data at petabytes of scale, from a wide variety of sources and structures, and contextualize that data for AI in milliseconds.” 

The rise in AI has also given rise to speculation — and in some cases, fear — that it stands to replace humans; yet, Verma has a different perspective.

“The truth is, professions that require empathy and connection will never be replaced by machines. Consider an artist, who devotes every brushstroke and curvature in her artwork toward a subject or cause; or the musician, who composes a piece that longs for the listener to find emotional resonance.” 

Achieving scale through simplicity

SingleStore’s customer portfolio includes industry giants like Disney +, Hulu, Dell and GE. At the core of their ability to back these global organizations is a powerful, all-in-one tool that supports modern, real-time and generative AI applications. Yet the heart of their approach is a three-tenet philosophy: speed, scale and simplicity. 

“When you bring data to AI with simplicity, speed and scale, you can bring huge, positive changes to the world,” shares Verma. “Think about doctors who can focus on being human, bringing empathy and connection to patients while AI conducts copious amounts of research behind the scenes. Or engineers who are able to focus their time on the next great product innovation, while AI handles simpler day-to-day tasks, making them 100x more productive.” 


Navigating the ethical, responsible use of AI and data for good

To SingleStore and Verma, the ethical use of data and harnessing the power of technology for good is always front and center. 

“Slow data, or context provided too late…you can’t trust it. You can’t use it,” says Verma. “But good data, real-time data, delivered in split seconds — that is what gives you the power to make better decisions. You can prevent fraud; you can intervene to save a child from a sex trafficker; you can prevent an accident from happening at a job site,” he says, citing SingleStore’s real use cases and applications today.

“This is why AI matters to us. We can give companies the ability to build AI for good, based on data they can access, contextualize and act upon in milliseconds.” 

A self-admitted eternal optimist, Verma’s vision for SingleStore as a company remains steadfastly focused on making the courageous decisions to do AI right. 

“With AI at our fingertips, I hope we can be bold in assuring this technology is used to unleash good in the world, making us better humans.”

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