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More PV, Climate Change and Digitalisation All Require Green

January 15, 2024

Both global climate change and the steadily increasing demand for energy require swift intervention; we need to decarbonize more quickly. In Germany alone, the annual energy consumption of data centers exceeds 16 billion kWh. Globally, the rise of industrial IoT applications could consume up to 364 TWh (approximately 1.03%) of total energy.


Vision 2045 - April 22, 2024

Collaboration for More Sustainable Trade

amfori places collaboration at the heart of its actions to
Innovation & Disruption - March 15, 2024

Designing the future of Home Building

How can new technology address the growing shortage of new
The Forum Interviews - January 15, 2024

How AI & Web3 are forging smarter,…

How AI & Web3 are forging smarter, compliant, and more
COP28 Interviews - December 11, 2023

Kiwifruit Industry Calling on Visionaries to Address…

Zespri’s US$2 million annual fund will propel initiatives to help
COP28 Interviews - December 12, 2023

Making Packaging that Supports Sustainability

All4Labels is innovating for a sustainable packaging industry future Packaging
Innovation & Disruption - March 15, 2024

Designing the future of Home Building

How can new technology address the growing shortage of new


Future-Proofing Insurance

AXA, as a purpose-led company, sharing their vision in making life safer, fairer and more inclusive. The
- March 1, 2024

Designing the future of Home Building

How can new technology address the growing shortage of new homes? The United States faces a significant
- March 15, 2024

The Future of Enterprise is Autonomous

The AI Revolution is transforming enterprises and Digitate is leading the charge to a ticketless future While
- May 15, 2024

Pioneering a new wellness system designed by

How Mānuka Health’s investment in research, sustainable beekeeping and land preservation is transforming the beauty & wellness
- May 15, 2024

Innovation& Disruption

March 13, 2024

In an era defined by digital disruption, shifting consumer behaviors, and geopolitical uncertainties, strategic planning emerges as the cornerstone of a business imperative. Star, an end-to-end technology solutions partner, introduces its ‘Endgame Thinking’ concept – a transformative approach that has consistently delivered lasting value and success to clients for the past 15 years. 

Pioneered by founder and Chairman Juha Christensen and co-founder and CEO Michael Schreibmann, Endgame Thinking has been instrumental in Star’s delivery of more than 1000 product innovations and end-to-end solutions, accelerating the growth and competitiveness of over 400 startups and some.


- Vision 2045 - May 22, 2024

Indispensable and Vital for Green Chemistry

Salt: An indispensable raw material for green chemistry and sustainable value chains How salt and chemicals producer Nobian
- Vision 2045 - May 22, 2024

Driving a sustainable future: a Journey to Tomorrow

IHG Hotels & Resorts calls for collaboration across the hospitality industry, as it reiterates commitment to doing business


Acumen Stories

Elevating Human Capabilities With AI for Good

January 15, 2024

Like every innovation before it, AI bears the imprint of its creator. And like those innovations, the dichotomy between good and ill intentions — the desire to create or destroy — makes itself known. As humans, we have an innate responsibility to decide what kind of future we want to create, especially one that harnesses advanced technology like AI.

For AI to.


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Sustainable Wet Wipe Production

Albaad utilizes digitalization to develop sustainable wet wipe manufacturing and marketing. Albaad's Eco-Revolution in Wet Wipe Manufacturing
- December 7, 2023

Prefabricated Timber Construction Solves Global Problems

DFH GRUPPE: Our way of building counteracts the housing shortage and climate change. Today's governments must solve
- December 12, 2023


Cell Ag: Core of the Next

A New Era of Sustainable, Efficient Food Production Cellular agriculture stands poised to redefine our understanding of
- December 12, 2023

Tech Platform with A Clear Vision:

Seensons promote their vision of a waste-free future at COP28 - Enlightening businesses on the transition towards
- December 6, 2023

A MomentWith

The Essential Role of Farmers in

Syngenta uses digital technologies to produce regenerative agriculture, changing the future of food & agricultural industries Syngenta
- December 12, 2023

One of Europe’s Leading Companies for

Alperia aims for net-zero emissions: 80% of investments in sustainability. Alperia's Ambitious Goals: Cutting Carbon Emissions for
- December 7, 2023

The ForumInterviews

Leading Europe’s Energy Transformation

How the former lignite giant uses old strengths to write a new, green success story LEAG's Revolution:
- December 12, 2023

Innovating the Clean Energy Transition

SLB is working to deliver cleaner energy for today and tomorrow Balancing clean energy goals with the
- December 12, 2023

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