July 21

Solar Quote recognizes that everyone needs to contribute to the nationwide transition toward solar energy, and with the power of AI-driven technology and innovative decision-making software, the company is successfully providing online purchase to areas where solar energy might not be obtainable or financially feasible for many homeowners.

With this AI-driven technology previously unseen in the solar industry, Solar Quote provides speed and accuracy, which is lacking in other online solar purchasing companies. Since their design tool handles irradiation and the solar panel layout automatically, their software enables customers to get an instant design in just seconds.

The platform’s decision engine simplifies everything, from selecting solar panels and adding battery backup to financing. The finance decision engine is exceptional, consisting of over 200 solar loan options with varying terms, interest rates and payments. When a homeowner uses this online platform, it narrows down the top three financing options based on their budget and needs.

The company’s direct-to-consumer  (DTC) approach doesn’t just provide a platform, it also provides a SaaS (software as a service) product that solar installers in the marketplace can embed on their websites to achieve the same goal of expanding solar access to homeowners nationwide. This product provides an easy, white-label solution for installers looking to approach homeowners directly instead of through an extended sales process. The platform offers a separate site/landing page to sell their solar installation services online. Solar Quote even goes a step further by training their sales and marketing staff to use their multi-tenant platform to manage the backend of their system and integrate with their CRM’s. ‍

Solar Quote’s DTC model is revolutionizing the solar industry and removing the long-winded processes that currently frustrates homeowners. By using this cutting-edge technology to improve the solar installation purchase process, they can offer prices 20-30% lower than the national average, increasing return on investment for the homeowner.

The platform’s DTC solutions reduce time to delivery, improving customer satisfaction and ensuring that the duration between signing the contract to installing the solar system is as short as possible. With the company’s unique approach, the solar industry will be able to provide a more accessible and affordable purchase experience, allowing homeowners to take control of their purchase journey without having to speak to anyone.

Homeowners looking for more information about this innovative platform can use the online AI tool to buy solar energy in the most convenient, cost-effective way possible. For the opportunity to experience this revolutionary AI-powered platform, visit www.solarquote.com today.